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Finding MeFinding Me Journal by Renee Bethel

Ladies, when was the last time you invested in caring for yourself – emotionally, spiritually and physically? As women, we easily get caught up in helping others and filling multiple roles. We fail to realize our “pitcher” quickly runs out of water when we aren’t being intentional to work on filling ourselves. This journal reflects the author’s own story and walks you through evaluating where you are and how you can grow in the areas of emotional, spiritual and physical wellness. 

Go For It! By Poppy SmithGo For it

GO FOR IT reminds readers that God has a plan and purpose for their lives. With interactive questions, and space to write, readers will embark on a journey toward self-reflection. When they are finished, they will have answered the questions every person desperately wants to know: Who am I? Who is God? and How Does He want to use me?”

Healthy bodyHealthy Body by Dr. DiAnna Wallace, N.D.

Are you stuck in an endless cycle of chronic illness, allergies, autoimmune disorders or disease? Have you ever suspected there might be a connection between emotional pain and physical symptoms? In the Healthy Body Book, Dr. DiAnna Wallace shares her personal healing journey along with detailed descriptions of physical processes and a wealth of information and techniques for health from a natural and biblical perspective. Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, Dr. DiAnna’s warmth, wit, and practical wisdom are sure to encourage you on your healing journey.

the braceletThe Bracelet by Heather Penny, Ph.D.

What happens to a girl as she becomes a woman? Excitement for new dreams, anticipation of what’s next, longings for secret hopes, loneliness about being missed, sadness at unfulfilled dreams, confusion in relating to the expectations of others, and all-around joy in discovering passions. Sometimes we flourish with dazzling brilliance …and sometimes we lose who we are over the years. Ultimately, we can even forget who we are meant to be. But it’s never too late to remember. Remember your story. . . remember what you’ve always loved. . . remember who you are. Celebrate your ‘being’ and participate fully in the life you are meant to live. She woke up when she remembered, she was the author of her own story. . .

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