Grace, Gratitude and Thanksgiving

So, where do I start?!  What should be the first entry?  My prayer for months has been, “God, I give you thanks for Your inspired Word, for filling my heart to overflowing places of Gratitude and for Your all-sufficient Grace that supplies for all my needs. Please show me what you’re calling me to.  May I be an instrument in Your hands to bring encouragement and hope to others.  May our story be used for the sake of furthering Your Kingdom and may You receive all the Glory.”

And yet…..I hesitate….I wait…..I pray…..I pray some more….I delay my obedience to what I feel God has called me to begin.  Quite honestly I’m finding myself to be fearful.  Fearful of starting something new….something that requires some creativity (which until recently, I believed to be “dead”)….fearful it will not be “good enough”…..fearful I simply don’t know where to start, somehow in my mixed up thinking, forgetting His Promises to supply for all my needs…and so I delay…..

UNTIL… husband, spoke words of deep, heartfelt encouragement and my heart and mind were finally able to receive.  Last night, with tears in his eyes, he exhorted me to not let anything else stand in the way of what we both knew God had been calling me to.  At that moment, I knew I could no longer delay.  It was time for me to repent, turn away from my fears and ask God to meet me in this space.

And so, with this first post, this stepping out of my comfort zones with a hope to express the beauty of what God has taught and continues to reveal to this broken and messy heart, I give God great praise for His Grace.  I thank Him for His forgiveness that He offers me on a daily basis, even in spite of my fears and my disobedience.  I thank God for giving me a husband and a family that encourage me always to pursue God’s highest calling.  I offer Him a prayer of Thanksgiving for the many ways He teaches me His “Rhythms of Grace”.

I pray that those who visit here and read these humbled words of mine, may leave this space feeling more encouraged than before…..knowing that whatever circumstances you face, there is One whose love for you is unconditional.  You are not alone in the struggles you face….the struggles are real but there is ONE whose GRACE is All-Sufficient, and ONE who paid the penalty for your sins, so that you wouldn’t have to face an eternity in despair.  May you be inspired to know the LOVE of our Savior, JESUS, just a little bit more having spent time with me here on these pages.  May you know the depths of His AMAZING GRACE and may we each be encouraged to give Him praise.  His Grace deserves every ounce of our Gratitude!

“For all things are for your sakes, that GRACE, having spread through the many, may cause THANKSGIVING to abound to the GLORY of GOD.” 2 Corinthians 4:15




Published by Stacey

Hi There and Welcome! My name is Stacey. I'm a Jesus-lovin', mountain livin', wife and mama who loves adventures in nature, spending time with my family, good books, healthy living and coffee dates with friends! I'm so glad you decided to come along with me on this journey! I hope you're inspired to S.L.O.W. down the pace and sit with me for a few as we journey through the seasons of life, learning to dwell in the rhythms of His Grace!

2 thoughts on “Grace, Gratitude and Thanksgiving

  1. My Sweet Mama-
    How beautiful your words are in speaking of such GRACE and TRUTH! Thank you for setting aside your fears and walking boldly in obedience to His call upon your life. You have a gift. A gift that the world so desperately needs….that my world so disparately needs. Continue to share this gift and let nothing distract you from such a calling. xoxo

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